NEW Wiggly Crochet Tutorial!

Do you know what Wiggly Crochet is or is it one of those crochet techniques that you’ve never heard of before? Have you tried to do Wiggly Crochet, but haven’t been successful? I have a new tutorial for you on how to do Wiggly Crochet. I think you’re going to LOVE it, just like I do!!!


Here’s a sample of a few projects done in Wiggly Crochet:


Wiggly Flower Hot Pad & Coaster

Wiggly Flower Hot Pad & Coaster


Can you see how this hot pad is 3-dimensional? Not all crochet techniques do that, but Wiggly Crochet does!


I learned to do Wiggly Crochet over 10 years ago and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously ever since then. I’ve designed a bunch of Wiggly Crochet projects, too. And I have a friend to thank for introducing me to Wiggly Crochet. Thanks so much, Vicki!


To read about how I learned to do Wiggly Crochet and to learn how it’s done so you can enjoy it, too, check out my new Wiggly Crochet tutorial here.


Happy Wiggly Crocheting!




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