National Crochet Month Sale!

I hope everyone is enjoying National Crochet Month, which takes place every year in March. What will you do to celebrate your love of crochet this month? Will you learn a new crochet technique or find a crochet designer who is new to you? Will you start or finish a crochet project? How about trying a new yarn that you’ve never used before?

If you’d like to learn Irish Crochet or Bruges Lace Crochet in person, please consider signing up for one of my classes at the IOLI Convention in Mesa, AZ. This convention takes place the week of July 20-26 at the Hilton Phoenix/Mesa. I’m really looking forward to teaching these classes and meeting new people there! To find out more about this convention, check out the IOLI website. There are lots of other lace classes being taught at the convention, as well!

March is also a month to be grateful, especially for the knowledge and ability to crochet. There is so much for each of us to be grateful for in our lives. I’m grateful for my family, friends, a place to live, good health, and so much more! Crochet is another blessing to me and I’m very grateful for the ability to do what I love! I’ve met so many wonderful people throughout my crochet adventures and made many friends, near and far, because of crochet!

To celebrate National Crochet Month, I’d like to share a small blessing with you this month. You can enjoy a 25% discount off every one of my crochet and knitting patterns right here on my website throughout the whole month of March. To take advantage of this discount, use the code “NatCroMo2020” when you checkout.

I hope you enjoy National Crochet Month by trying some new patterns and/or expanding your crochet skills and knowledge, either face-to-face with someone, through in-person classes or online classes. If you’d like to try a few of my free crochet patterns, check out my “Free Patterns” page!

Happy crocheting and knitting!


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