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During the month of June, I’ll be participating in a “Round Robin” with 3 other crochet teachers from Annie’s online video classes. During the next 3 weeks, I’ll have a special “guest” blogger (once a week)! The teachers who are participating in this guest blogging tour, as well as their class/classes are:


Ellen Gormley: “Learn to Crochet”, “Crocheting With Beads” and her new class coming very soon, “Learn to Crochet Lace”

Jenny King: “Learn to Bavarian Crochet”

Robyn Chachula: “Learn to Crochet Jewelry”

Susan Lowman: “Crocheting With Thread” and “Beginner’s First Doily”


I’ve met these wonderful crochet designers/teachers (Ellen, Jenny and Robyn) at CGOA Conferences over the past 12 years. They’re very friendly and talented ladies! We all enjoy sharing our crochet knowledge with others through our crochet classes and patterns!


We’ll each be sharing some information about our classes, crochet techniques, inspiration and more during the next 3 weeks in June. Plus, each of us will be giving away a FREE class to a lucky winner at the end of the month, too! So when you read the “guest” blog post on my website from one of the other crochet teachers during the next 3 weeks, check out her website and enter to win!


You’ll also have a chance during the next 3 weeks to enter the giveaway on my website to win my crochet class, “Crocheting With Thread”. Just leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the “guest” blog post during that week’s post to enter. I’ll pick one lucky winner and will post the winner’s name on June 30th.


Please check back each week to read the guest blog post from one of the other 3 crochet teachers (or subscribe to my blog to receive an e-mail every time I post a blog entry so you don’t miss any blog posts). You’ll have many chances to win a free crochet class from Annie’s during the month of June!


Good luck everyone!


Happy crocheting,

Susan Lowman (aka: The Crochet Architect)

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  1. says:

    Cool, I am at a loss for words.

  2. says:

    Crocheting with thread makes the most beautiful projects. This will be an exciting class.

  3. says:

    Wow sounds great! I’m in for a class!

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