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Today I’m featuring a guest blogger who has been in the crochet business for many years. Please welcome Robyn Chachula, who will be talking about one of my favorite things to crochet with thread: JEWELRY!


Robyn's Jewelry class

Robyn’s Jewelry class



I love jewelry.  I love big bold funky statements to delicate classic beauties.  I never feel truly dressed until I am wearing a matching necklace.  My kids have other ideas.   In steps crochet to my rescue.  Instead of worrying about yet another “mysteriously” missing necklace my daughter borrowed or another being used as a teething ring by my son; I know I can fix all.  With a few quick techniques, I know I can whip up overnight any ring, bracelet, or necklace for any outfit.  So no more stress about ruined favorites, instead my little pumpkins are just giving me more opportunities to crochet!


Flower Motif Necklace

Flower Motif Necklace


Before I started crocheting jewelry, I thought I would need a ton of equipment and tools to get a true professional look.  Boy, I was mistaken.  In class, I walk you through exactly what you need to make your perfect accessory.  And most of them are probably sitting in your yarn bag or toolbox right now.   We will talk about a few tools that you might want to get after you get completely hooked, but for the most part your main tool will just be your hook.


Learn to Crochet Jewelry class at Annie's

Learn to Crochet Jewelry class at Annie’s


The most important tool I try to stress is understanding crochet patterns.  Whether you are looking at a modern stitch dictionary with all the directions completely listed or an antique crochet leaflet with just some diagrams; I want to make sure you are totally in control.   In class we will de-mystify crochet diagrams and sharpen our skills at reading patterns.  We go through learning patterns and diagrams so you can grab any stitch dictionary and be able to turn an edging you love into a bracelet or a motif into a ring.


Golden Petals Ring

Golden Petals Ring


What do I want you to make jewelry out of?  Anything.  In class, we talk about all materials from basic crochet thread, to thin gauge wire, to leather and hemp; and even end with yarn.  The materials do not make the jewelry, you do.  So we talk about how to dress up or down the material you are working with.  One basic way is using metal chains, jump rings, and beads to connect your crochet together.  In just a few steps, I show you all you need to know to attach your beautiful crochet together into fantastic jewelry.  One word of warning, is the jewelry techniques I show you in class are so simple it is very easy to slip into another hobby and love every minute of it.


The best part of creating and making jewelry is it always cheers up my day.  Any day I get to crochet for a few minutes is great.  To be able to then wear something I made the next day, even better.  Hope you will join me in Learn to Crochet Creative Jewelry class.  I truly can’t wait to see what you can create!



To find out more about Robyn’s “Learn to Crochet Jewelry” class, see all of the projects in the class and watch the introduction video, visit Annie’s website here.


To learn more about Robyn Chachula, visit her website here or her blog here. I think Robyn will be holding a contest to win her class this month, so visit her blog and enter to win! Her class looks absolutely fabulous to me!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my guest blogger, Robyn Chachula, today. I’ll have a guest blogger during each of the next 2 weeks, so check back to read what my other 2 guest bloggers have to say about crochet!


Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win my Annie’s class, “Crocheting With Thread” (or another Annie’s class of your choosing). During the next 2 weeks, you’ll have 2 more chances to enter to win the class (one chance per week). I’ll pick the lucky winner at the end of this month. So if you’d like to learn to crochet with thread, this is the class for you!


Good luck everyone and happy crocheting!




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