Another Free Pattern!

Upon reading the newest issue of the Talking Crochet newsletter this morning, I realized that Crochet World magazine is offering my Purple Haze Wrap pattern for FREE now! And I wanted to share the pattern with all of my blog followers! So here it is…


Here’s the link to the free pattern and some photos of it for you to see:


Purple Haze Wrap 1 smallerPurple Haze Wrap 3 smaller











This wrap was a lot of fun to design and make with Lion Brand (LB Collection) Silk Mohair yarn, which I LOVED using! I was careful to watch my stitching so I didn’t make too many mistakes that needed to be ripped out and restitched, since mohair yarn is “tricky” to rip out! The yarn blocks beautifully to really show off the stitch pattern to it’s full potential! This yarn (and the wrap I made) is as light as a feather!


I remember when the box of yarn arrived for me to crochet this wrap. The box was about 8″ square and weighed maybe a pound at the most! It was hard to believe that inside that small, light-weight box there was enough yarn to make a whole wrap! To see all the beautiful colors of LB Silk Mohair yarn, go to the Lion Brand website here.


I hope you enjoy this FREE pattern!


Happy crocheting,



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