Crochet Jewelry

You’ve probably seen crochet jewelry all over the place, but have you made any of it yet? I absolutely LOVE making (and wearing) crochet jewelry, whether it is one of my designs or someone else’s design!

Crochet jewelry that is made with cotton crochet thread (my favorite) is hand washable, so it will last for years! You can use any colors of crochet thread for making your crochet jewelry to coordinate with your wardrobe. The fasteners on crochet necklaces can be barrel clasps or buttons. Some are even long enough to fit over the head, so they don’t need any fasteners! Many crochet jewelry pieces take just a few hours to make, so they’re instant gratification projects, which I love!!!

Here are a few pieces of crochet jewelry that I’ve made from other designer’s patterns:

My favorite necklace

My Favorite Necklace


This is my favorite necklace, made with size 20 thread. The pattern is from a Magic Crochet magazine, Issue #64, Feb. 1990. I LOVE this necklace! It looks great on and is easy to clean when it gets dirty. I wear it a lot! I even made some coordinating leaf earrings to wear with it. The clasp is a simple button and crocheted buttonhole.



Necklace smaller

Necklace With Balls


This necklace is fun to wear. It’s made with size 10 thread and includes matching “ball” earrings. I think this pattern was from a Japanese book by Kazekobo.




Irish Necklace

Irish Crochet Necklace


This Irish Crochet Necklace was made with size 20 or 30 thread. It’s too fancy to wear with just anything! The chains near the back of the necklace (at the top of the photo) twist easily, so I don’t wear this one very often. This necklace may have been from the same book by Kazekobo.





Here are some crochet jewelry pieces that I’ve designed for Crochet Today magazine over the years:

Granny Square Bracelet smaller

Lacy Grannies Bracelet
Jan/Feb 2008

Seashore Earrings 1 smaller

Seashore Earrings
July/Aug 2009






Crystal Pendant 1 smaller

Crystal Pendant Necklace
July/Aug 2010




There is a large, clear crystal sandwiched in the center of the 2 sides of crochet in my Crystal Pendant Necklace! It’s pretty cool!!!



Bouquet Earrings smaller

Bouquet Earrings
May/June 2012


The Bouquet Earrings were made in white for a bride, but can be made in any flower color you choose!


Winter Berry Earrings smaller

Winter Berry Earrings
Nov/Dec 2012


The Winter Berry Earrings are made with some shiny crochet thread, called Anchor Artiste Metallic. It’s a very pretty thread. The photo doesn’t do it justice!




Here are some of the other crochet jewelry pieces that I’ve designed:

CA 108 Beaded Shells smaller

Beaded Shells Necklace
(longer version)

CA 108 Beaded Shells 1 smaller

Beaded Shells Necklace
(shorter version)

This is my Beaded Shells Necklace, available for purchase at The pattern comes in 2 versions: long and short. They both have small beads throughout, but the longer version includes 1 large center bead and 2 medium beads.





CA 107 Faux Tatted Necklace 6A smaller

Faux Tatted Necklace with buttons

CA 107 Faux Tatted Necklace 3A smaller

Faux Tatted Necklace with beads

This is my Faux Tatted Necklace pattern, also available for purchase at This necklace is actually crocheted to look like tatting, which has rings, chains and picots. This pattern can be made with buttons, beads or charms. It is a fun project to make with heirloom buttons or buttons with memories attached!



I love making these crochet necklaces and earrings because they’re so versatile!

For my Faux Tatted Necklaces (I’ve made quite a few), I’ve used many different colors of size 10 crochet thread and beads or buttons to coordinate with some of the outfits in my wardrobe. This necklace doesn’t have a clasp, so you just pop it over your head and wear it (it’s great if you have an injured hand, wrist or arm!). I should be coming out with a pattern for a coordinating Faux Tatted Bracelet and Earrings soon, so you can wear a complete set of Faux Tatted jewelry, if you like!

Why not make some crochet jewelry for your next project? If you do, please drop me a line and let me know how it turned out!

Happy crocheting!



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  1. says:

    Is the pattern for the Bouquet Earrings available?

    • Susan Lowman says:

      I think the pattern for my bouquet earrings is only available in the May/June 2012 issue of Crochet Today magazine. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I would suggest doing an online search for this issue of the magazine (on EBay or somewhere similar).

      Happy crocheting,

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