“Leaving a Comment” Update

Because of the number of “Spam” comments I’ve been receiving at The Crochet Architect.com, I have implemented a new way to leave comments on blog posts. Like many other forums and blog sites, you will be required to log in as a friend of my site before leaving a comment. You will only need to sign up for an account once. It is quick and painless, but should alleviate the number of spam comments I’ve been receiving. You will still receive updates to my blog posts without having an account (if you’re subscribed to my blog). The account is only needed if you’d like to leave a comment on a blog post. This account is separate from a customer account for purchasing crochet patterns at The Crochet Architect.com website.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about my blog posts. I’d love to get a dialogue going and discuss any crochet topic you’re interested in discussing. If you have a suggestion for a crochet related blog post, please send me a message on the “About Me” page. If a blog post has touched you, inspired you or taught you something new, please let me know by commenting.

If you’ve purchased one of my patterns and have any questions about it, please ask by sending me a message. If you’ve crocheted a project from one of my patterns, please send me a photo of it. I’d love to see it!

Happy crocheting,


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