Crochet Doily Repair

Do you have any beloved doilies with holes in them? Have you purchased some old crochet doilies or centerpieces at estate/garage sales only to find they have holes, cuts or burns in them? Do you know how to repair the damage so the repairs are invisible? Last September, a friend brought me one of her doilies to repair that had seen its better days! Because I’ve learned to repair crochet projects, I was eager to take on the challenge of repairing her doily. Here’s a photo of the doily with the holes in it:


Frances’ Doily before repair


I’m sure you can see the large hole at the right edge of the photo, but I found a small hole in the doily, too. So I set out to repair both holes.


Small hole in doily


Large hole in doily


Luckily, I had some crochet thread in my stash that was pretty close in size and color, so I was able to invisibly repair the doily last month. It took a few hours, but I think the time is worth the end result, don’t you?


Frances’ Doily after repair


Here’s a close up photo of the repaired large hole:


Large hole in doily repaired


I can hardly even find the hole any more! That’s because I used my “Invisible Repair” technique that I teach in my Annie’s online class called “Crochet ER: Fixing Damage & Mistakes”. I LOVE this technique!!!


If you’re interested in learning to fix damage and/or mistakes in your crochet projects, check out my class here. I’d love to hear your success stories of the repairs and/or fixes you’ve made!


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Happy crocheting and happy repairing/fixing!




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