3 New Crochet Videos

I just released 3 new crochet videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Here they are, in no particular order:

How to Make a Double Crochet Stitch for Beginners

This video demonstrates how to make a double crochet (dc) stitch, along with how to work rows of dc stitches and how to make straighter edges on your dc rows. Check out this video here.

The Golden Loop in Crochet (shh…it’s a secret!)

This video demonstrates how to make your crochet stitches taller using the Golden Loop. The late Jean Leinhauser told me about the Golden Loop and I thought I’d pass along that knowledge to other crocheters to help you adjust the height of your stitches in order to get the “row” gauge. Check out this video here.

What is Yarn Over (YO) in Crochet?

This video shows the difference between a yarn over and a yarn under. When I was part of the CGOA Masters program, I ran into the fact that some crocheters didn’t learn the yarn over correctly. In this video, I show the difference between yarn over and yarn under, and how it affects the overall look of your crochet stitches. Check out this video here.

I hope you enjoy these videos.

Happy crocheting,


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