The Slip Knot: Right versus Wrong

Slip Knot 7Have you ever made a crochet project in the round and couldn’t tighten the center hole to make it smaller or disappear completely? Last week, when I was teaching my mother-in-law how to read a crochet pattern and to work in the round, I realized that she was making her slip knot incorrectly. Her center hole wouldn’t close up after working her first round! So I watched her make a slip knot and it was backwards. I thought there may be many other crocheters who make their slip knot backwards, too. So I’ve made a tutorial on how to make your slip knot the “right” way!!! Please check out my new “Tutorials” page to read more and find out how to make a slip knot correctly.

After you’ve checked out the tutorial, you can practice making the slip knot and working a simple granny square with the “3-Round Granny Square” pattern on our “Free Patterns” page.

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