Last Stop on Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths Blog Tour

This is the last stop on the Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths blog tour. Boohoo. I’m sad to see it come to an end! It’s been a lot of fun!

Today, we’re going to visit the blog of Andee Graves. I first met Andee at a CGOA Conference (I think it was in 2009 in Buffalo when I had a broken wrist – I definitely wasn’t able to crochet for a while then!). Here’s a photo of Andee and I, along with Shari White (one of my mentees and a very talented designer) and Joyce Bragg (another very talented designer), waiting to meet with the editors at the Buffalo conference (from left to right: Shari, me, Andee and Joyce):

Waiting for Editors at CGOA Conference in 2009

Waiting for Editors at CGOA Conference in 2009

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a few weeks, you might recognize Andee’s name. I wrote a blog post for Andee’s blog tour of her new Texting Mitts booklet, published by Leisure Arts, on February 10th. Here’s a photo of the front cover of her booklet:

Texting Mitts front cover

Texting Mitts front cover

Andee’s texting mitts are fun to make! I made 2 pairs of them when I was preparing for her blog tour. You can read more about this booklet on my Feb. 10th blog post or on Andee’s blog!

Andee is a fantastic newer designer (newer than me). She is a bundle of energy and a wealth of information! And she’s a really nice person, too! Andee already has over 50 published designs in just the last 3 years! Wow! Way to go, Andee! You can see all of Andee’s published designs on her Ravelry designer page. This is one of my favorites of Andee’s designs:

Andee's Heart Pillow

Andee’s Heart Pillow



This heart pillow was published in Crochet World magazine’s Feb. 2012 issue. Isn’t it pretty?

Please hop on over to Andee’s blog to read what she’s written about my Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths booklet and the dishcloth she’s made from the booklet.

Since this is the last stop on my blog tour, I will be picking and announcing a winner for the free autographed copy of my Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths booklet on Friday. If you haven’t entered yet, just leave a comment by 6PM (Arizona time) tomorrow on my blog post from either Jan. 27 or Feb. 9. I wish you all good luck in the giveaway!

Happy crocheting,


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4 Responses to Last Stop on Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths Blog Tour

  1. Susan Lowman says:

    Helen Smith from the UK said:
    I find the blog and comments very interesting. I envy you all your groups and classes you seem to have all over the States and Canada.

  2. says:

    I just adore them all!

  3. says:

    I remember making wiggly crochet hotpads – in my BEGINNING crochet class about 40 years ago – I have been searching for this pattern now for years… THANKS to you I will be able to make them again…

  4. says:

    Hi Susan! These dishcloths are way too pretty to use for dishes! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’ll go with the Diagonals. I remember seeing your cool fish rug in Reno.

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