FREE Crochet Wrap Pattern

Here is today’s FREE crochet pattern. It’s my Purple Haze Wrap that is available for FREE from Crochet World magazine. The pattern may not be free forever, but it is currently. So if you like it, I’d suggest downloading and saving it for later use!


Purple Haze Wrap

Purple Haze Wrap

Purple Haze Wrap 3 smaller

Purple Haze Wrap


This pattern was originally published in the December, 2013 issue of Crochet World magazine. It is made with Lion Brand LB Collection Silk Mohair yarn, which is light as a feather, but surprisingly warm! You can see the colors that this yarn comes in on the Lion Brand website here. I couldn’t believe how small and lightweight the box of yarn was when it arrived in the mail a few years ago to make this wrap! I LOVED working with this yarn! It’s fabulous! Of course, like any mohair yarn, you have to be careful when you’re crocheting with it because it’s not that easy to rip out stitches when you make a mistake. If you’re not comfortable working with mohair yarn, you could always use a different yarn that isn’t mohair to make your wrap.


Here’s the link to this FREE crochet pattern. I hope you enjoy it and will share a photo of your completed Purple Haze Wrap with me!


Happy crocheting,



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