Wiggly Christmas Tree



It’s time to trim the tree with our wiggly crochet Christmas Tree hot pad and coaster. The hot pad is perfect for your Christmas meal hot dish while the coaster keeps surfaces unharmed from water rings. And they make great gifts, too!


The pattern includes 2 wiggly crochet charts: one for the hot pad and one for the coaster, as well as written instructions and a brief tutorial on doing wiggly crochet.


*This pattern is also available as part of the set of 6 Wiggly Hot Pads & Coasters for $11.95.*


Hot Pad: Approx 5 1/2” wide x 6” high
Coaster: Approx 3 3/4” wide x 4” high




Size 10 cotton crochet thread,
200 yds White (A) [135 yds for hot pad & 65 yds for coaster]
80 yds Red (B) [45 yds for hot pad & 35 yds for coaster]
70 yds Green (C) [50 yds for hot pad & 20 yds for coaster]
8 yds Brown (D) [5 yds for hot pad & 3 yds for coaster]
8 yds Yellow (E) [5 yds for hot pad & 3 yds for coaster]
8 yds Blue (F) [5 yds for hot pad & 3 yds for coaster]
Sizes 7 (1.65mm) and 10 (1.3mm) steel crochet hooks (or sizes required for gauge)