Crochet Giveaway and Blog Tour Dates Set

To celebrate the publication of my “Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths” booklet, I’m going to have the first of many giveaways on my blog. At the end of the blog tour for this booklet, one lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of “Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths” in the mail. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post (or the blog post from January 27th on my “Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths” booklet, where you’ll find more information about the patterns inside). Good luck!!!

Front cover of Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths

Front cover of Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths

I’ve finalized the blog tour dates of this booklet with my crochet friends. Here they are in the order in which they’ll appear:

Feb. 13 – Brett Bara

Feb. 18 – Kathryn White

Feb. 21 – Ellen Gormley

Feb. 23 – Andee Graves (update: this date has been changed to Feb. 27)

Feb. 25 – Kara Lyon

Please visit these blogs to read more about my Wiggly Crochet booklet and what each of these very creative people think of it! You’ll also see some fantastic designs and ideas on each of these websites and blogs from some very talented ladies!

As many of you probably already know, Brett Bara is very crafty. She was the editor of Crochet Today magazine for many years and is the host of Knit and Crochet Now, along with other crafty endeavors!

Kathryn White is an extremely talented, award winning thread designer. Her designs are fabulous!!! And she’s a very good friend, too.

Ellen Gormley is a force to be reckoned with in the crochet world! She has many published crochet designs and is a crochet expert on the Knit and Crochet Now show.

Andee Graves is an up and coming crochet designer. She’s gotten a great start on her designing career. She just had her first crochet booklet published by Leisure Arts called “Texting Mitts”. Check it out on her blog or on my blog post for her blog tour (on Feb. 10th)!

Kara Lyon has an awesome talent for designing amigurumi figures. You’ve got to see her designs! I love them!!!

I hope you enjoy this blog tour and getting to know these very talented ladies!

Happy crocheting (and good luck!),


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27 Responses to Crochet Giveaway and Blog Tour Dates Set

  1. Pamela Veller says:

    Wiggly Crochet looks like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to try the teal and peachy one on the cover of my new Susan Lowman Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths pattern book! Please autograph to your “Best Friend Pamela” and send it FDX of course! Seriously, love the new social media that’s occurring and the way it brings folks with hobby interests together!


  2. Jessica Ramos says:

    I’m so excited that there is a giveaway! I love the look of wiggly crochet and can’t wait to try it. I recently bought the wiggly rugs booklet from someone on eBay and love the designs in that. Just such a unique look…love it!!! 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Thank you for leaving a comment. You’re in the running for the giveaway, too! Good luck!
      If you have any questions about wiggly crochet once you’ve tried it, please don’t hesitate to ask!
      Happy crocheting,

  3. Marjorie Koenig says:

    Susan, I’ve loved Wiggly Crochet from the first time I saw one of your booklets. I have them all, except for your newest one, which I’m hoping to win! LOL But even if I don’t, I’ll be buying it soon. I have to have the complete set, of course!

  4. jana Hunter says:

    Can’t wait to have time to try out the trial pattern I got! Looks like a lot of fun, and I’ll bet the raised “wigglies” make it great for scrubbing dishes IR backs! 🙂

  5. Susan says:

    Lynda Altman left this comment, which disappeared before I could moderate it!:
    “Can’t wait to try out one of these. I love crocheting dishcloths and these look like a lot of fun.”

  6. Susan says:

    Cindy Nimz left his comment, which disappeared before I could moderate it:
    “Thank you. I love it.”

  7. Kathy Prickett says:

    This is awesome! I’d love to win it so that I can make some for my daughter for her birthday. Thank you for the chance!

  8. melinda elliott says:

    Love the look of these bc they are airy and textured. My others end up souring too fast. Can’t wait to try them. I saw someone mention a trial pattern. Where was that?

  9. Kara Rozendaal says:

    As much as I enjoyed the wiggly crochet rug — I know the dish cloths will be just as fun! I love watching all of your creations!! Congrats! Kara

  10. Kalynn Fail says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to give it a try

  11. sherri mclaughlin says:

    wow ive seen this technique in other issues and i would love to try this. even if i dont win i may go buy the book and make the little flower patterns i love the four square pattern and the rug patterns

  12. Patrice Watson says:

    I am so disappointed that I missed your whole tour. I learned about Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths from Karabouts just today. I have been reading about each of the very talented ladies you met with on your tour and have visited their webpages. I have just started my own blog and I can’t believe how much talent there is to be found on the internet. I love your Wiggly Dishcloths and I was just commenting on kara’s blog that I would like to talk about it on my own blog. Would that be ok. I will direct everyone over here to your blog. That is, if anyone sees it. As I said, I JUST started this last weekend. Thank you for your donation to the crochet world. It has been so much fun getting back to my crocheting now that the kids are grown. Congratulations on your book. (sorry so long)

    • Susan says:

      I’m glad you found my blog before the blog tour is completely over and you like my Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths! I would be happy to have you blog about it on your new blog with a link to my blog!
      Happy crocheting,

  13. Nanetta Graves says:

    Hi Susan, Can’t wait to get your Book & try the Dish cloths.BTW~~My oldest daughter & I talk about her Hubby wanting to use sponges over & over to do dishes. She can’t stand it & throws them away & he buys more. l.o.l. Love the Rug made with same stitch as dish cloths.
    Hope I can win the Book:)HAGN~~Nanetta

  14. alexis hilgert says:

    One of my best friends asks for a dishcloth for every birthday and Christmas and I always comply! Not only do I get the fun of making something new (always a different one) but she actually Uses what I make…which is awesome! Even my mom doesn’t want to use the ones I’ve given her…even when I swear she will get more if they’re “ruined”. Lol

  15. Peggy Westerman says:

    I LOVE wiggly crochet! Found out about it from several times and finally took the time to look into it, found your website and the May Flowers pattern. I had some crochet thread and made the coaster. So fun, I couldn’t put it down! It was my first time using a chart and I made some counting errors, but was able to compensate as I went and it turned out pretty good for a first try! I want to do a rug, am I crazy!?? Gotta have a pattern though, I’m not prepared to create my own yet!! Tips on the best yarn to use would be great too! Your website has the best information on wiggly crochet that I found online (and there isn’t much out there yet!). Thanks so much! Would love to have a copy of your book!

    • Susan says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you love wiggly crochet as much as I do! I knew there had to be someone out there like me!!!
      No, you’re not crazy for wanting to do a wiggly rug. You can find one rug pattern here on my website for sale under the “patterns” heading. And I’ve had other wiggly rug patterns published through Annie’s in a booklet and in various Crochet World publications, as well as another 1 or 2 publications by Annie’s. You can see all of my wiggly rug designs on my Ravelry designer page here: (I think they’re all on the 2nd and 3rd pages).
      As for yarn, I use sock weight yarn or LusterSheen for the foundation mesh and usually worsted weight yarn for the wiggles!
      If you are going to the CGOA Conference in Indianapolis in July, I’ll be teaching a Wiggly Crochet Class there. It includes designing your own wiggly crochet patterns! Here’s the link for the CGOA Conference class schedule:
      You and everyone else who has left a comment is in the running for the Wiggly Crochet Dishcloths booklet. I’ll be drawing the winner at the end of this week (after the last blog tour destination that takes place tomorrow on Andee Graves’ blog). Good luck everyone!

  16. Joyce Ray says:

    I’ve been making “Wiggily’s” for a few years, since I found one of my gramma’s and painstakingly studied it and made one. Her’s was out of the thin thin crochet thread, and must have taken a long time to make.

    Your patterns are beautiful! Guess I’ll put down the knitting needles in exchange for my crochet hooks again. I used my Wiggily’s as trivets under my hot casseroles, and because I have just purchased new pans, I use them to separate the pans so as not to scratch the pans when stacking.

    Hope to see a copy of that book soon.

  17. Betty-Anne Field says:

    The Wiggly Crochet has always interested me …. would love to give it a try. Great idea for some presents!

  18. Sarah St. George says:

    What a lovely idea! I make dishcloths, but they are just boring run-of-the-mill ones (practical versus artful). I love the idea of these wiggly ones! So much more fun to use and now I read there are also patterns out there for wiggly rugs, too? Even more fun- and anything that makes doing the dishes fun is great in my book!

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