NEW Wiggly Crochet Tutorial!

Do you know what Wiggly Crochet is or is it one of those crochet techniques that you’ve never heard of before? Have you tried to do Wiggly Crochet, but haven’t been successful? I have a new tutorial for you on … Continue reading

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Giveaway Winner Announced!

  Well, the month of June has come to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Round Robin blog tour with Robyn Chachula, Ellen Gormley and Jenny King. I haven’t personally taken any classes from these 3 talented crochet designers … Continue reading

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Crochet Lace Class & Giveaway

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The last guest blogger I have for you this month is Ellen Gormley. She’s one very talented designer, as are all of my guest bloggers this month! I had the pleasure of teaching Ellen how to do Bruges Lace at … Continue reading

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Bavarian Crochet Class by Jenny King & Giveaway!

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I have a guest blogger again this week. It’s Jenny King, who I met at a CGOA Conference sometime in the past 12 years (I can’t remember exactly which year it was)! Jenny has a fantastic crochet class on Annie’s … Continue reading

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Learn to Crochet Creative Jewelry

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Today I’m featuring a guest blogger who has been in the crochet business for many years. Please welcome Robyn Chachula, who will be talking about one of my favorite things to crochet with thread: JEWELRY!       I love … Continue reading

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Free Crochet Class and Round Robin

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  During the month of June, I’ll be participating in a “Round Robin” with 3 other crochet teachers from Annie’s online video classes. During the next 3 weeks, I’ll have a special “guest” blogger (once a week)! The teachers who … Continue reading

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Another Free Pattern!

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Upon reading the newest issue of the Talking Crochet newsletter this morning, I realized that Crochet World magazine is offering my Purple Haze Wrap pattern for FREE now! And I wanted to share the pattern with all of my blog … Continue reading

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Crocheted Cowls and Rugs Patterns

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A few months ago, I got 2 new crochet leaflets: “Quick & Easy Crochet Cowls” by Stitches ‘n Stuff (Sue Childress & Frances Hughes) and “Cute Crochet Rugs for Kids” by Tara Cousins, both by Annie’s. I’ve made some crocheted … Continue reading

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Yarn Control and Keeping my Sanity!

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Have you ever been happily crocheting away and the skein of yarn you’re using starts falling apart in front of your eyes? Well, that happened to me over the past month while working on a crochet design for a publisher. … Continue reading

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The Yarn Over and CGOA Videos

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If you’re new to crochet or you learned to crochet from someone else, how do you know if you’re crocheting correctly? Do you hold the hook correctly? Are you holding your yarn correctly? Are you yarning over correctly? These are … Continue reading

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